To inspire every mother to train her children in the way to an abundant life through a rainbow of living foods and proactive healthy habits.



Hey kids I would like to introduce myself…my name is Joe Cell!

How long do you think it would take you to count to 50,000 billion? Did you know your body has that many cells working everyday to keep you alive and healthy? Cells are unique depending on the organ they are a part of – such as your bone cells are different from your brain cells.

Cells are like building blocks and make up the tissues and organs of your body. Cells have an outer cell wall or cellular membrane that keeps the energy factory inside the cell safe. The cellular membrane has door like openings that are careful to allow nutrients to enter, waste to be excreted, and signals to be sent from one cell to another so your body stays in healthy balance.

Get Involved

M.O.R.E. is a non-profit ministry who depends on the financial gifts of our friends. If you have a passion to see the RAINBOWS curriculum for kids made available to churches, schools, and other local community groups, please consider making a donation. A kid somewhere will be blessed by your generosity.

The Book

Eat MORE RAINBOWS Activity Book for Kids is designed with the intention to help young minds to grasp the value of healthy behaviors through the eight laws of health and optimum nutrition in a fun way that reinforces learning on many levels. We take the children through God’s Amazing 8, a special health plan that includes eight amazing natural healers that can help protect cells and keep them healthy. God’s Amazing 8 provides a RAINBOW of protection to help cells be safe, clean and super-energized! It builds on the firm foundation of the Eight Laws of Health attractively presented through the R.A.I.N.B.O.W.S acronym—“Rest, Activity, In-Control, Nutrition, Believe, Oxygen, Water, Sunshine.” It teaches children the importance of eating “MORE” rainbows. It is beautifully illustrated and filled with lessons on health and natural healing, Raw Recipes, Christian principles of faith, fun experiments, puzzles, color pages, and amazing health facts. The emphasis is a positive one rather than over-focusing on bad behaviors.

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