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M.O.R.E. Academy Certification

I am are currently accepting inquiries to schedule future 3-day residential intensive training programs (2019 and beyond) to become a Certified M.O.R.E. Advocate. Please use the CONTACT button at the bottom of this page to inquire and I will reply with more information about the requirements to bring my training program to your area.

M.O.R.E. Academy provides an intensive training for interested mothers to effectively deliver an Eat MORE RAINBOWS culinary class and program using the Eat MORE RAINBOWS Activity Book. This is a super-charged weekend that will speak to your BODY as well as your SPIRIT, as you learn about high-octane raw food and juices and learn principles of natural hygiene, disease, its causes, prevention and cure. I will be including my best methods to use when mentoring children in long-term behavioral change. Finally, I will be teaching you the essentials of Raw Cuisine.

Get Involved

M.O.R.E. is a non-profit ministry who depends on the financial gifts of our friends. If you have a passion to see the RAINBOWS curriculum for kids made available to churches, schools, and other local community groups, please consider making a donation. A kid somewhere will be blessed by your generosity.

Get the raw skills for the confidence to train others!

I teach

  • How to stock a raw vegan pantry
  • How to sprout even in colder climates
  • How to dehydrate and preserve food
  • How to juice and amazing healing combinations
  • How to make any meal raw-credible!
  • How to set up a raw food kitchen and kitchen equipment
  • How to master a chef knife
  • How to create deliciously raw recipes
  • How to deliver a dynamic food/health presentation

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