Kid’s Club


The Eat MORE RAINBOWS Kids Club is a super fun program designed to help young minds to grasp the value of healthy behaviors through the eight laws of health and optimum nutrition in a way that reinforces learning on many levels. We take the children through God’s Amazing 8, a special health plan that includes eight amazing natural healers that can help protect cells and keep them healthy. God’s Amazing 8 provides a RAINBOW of protection to help cells be safe, clean and super-energized!


  • Children’s Church
  • Sabbath School and Sunday School Classes
  • Public and Private Schools including summer schools, charter schools, and home schools
  • Vacation Bible Schools (VBS)
  • Pathfinders
  • Youth Groups
  • Girl/Boy Scout troops
  • YMCAs
  • Boys and Girls Clubs
  • Church and youth groups
  • Community centers
  • Camps
  • Food Markets
  • Community Centers

Get Involved

M.O.R.E. is a non-profit ministry who depends on the financial gifts of our friends. If you have a passion to see the RAINBOWS curriculum for kids made available to churches, schools, and other local community groups, please consider making a donation. A kid somewhere will be blessed by your generosity.


We bring our team of enthusiastic instructors to you. Superhero Mr. Carrot will make the learning experience super memorable and bring the importance of eating your colors to life!

The Eat MORE RAINBOWS Kids Club is designed for the ages of children 7-12. Our colorful curriculum is divided into 8-categories, which can be instructed as stand alone classes, OR combined into 2 or more classes. Lessons are reinforced kinesthetically—through the senses of the eyes, the taste, the touch, and smell—and will leave a lasting impression through its collective experience.

Classes include spirited songs, interactive activities, workbook material, puzzles, vibrant discussions, and an exciting experiment related to health.


All-day children’s church or series of classes on your calendar!